About Us

Why We Exist

Getting help establishing a presence online seems to be much harder than it should be. Dealing with freelancers can be very painful, trying to do things on your own requires a large investment of time and doesn’t typically produce the results you are looking for, and hiring a large firm is extremely expensive and often leaves you uninvolved in the project. We provide the best the best experience for our clients keeping them involved in each aspect of the project, and deliver on our work.

We work hard to give you the results you deserve while having the experience that you deserve.

The Story

Strayed Media was started in 2015 by John Hetterich during his Sophomore year in high school shortly after he discovered his love for both web development and video production.

The start in web development

After getting one of John's websites for a school project noticed by a local business owner, John was contacted and asked to discuss a possible website redesign project.

"This was the first time that I saw an email like this in my inbox. After navigating how to establish my first ever client relationship, I had my first project lined up for a full redevelopment of a companies website. After delivering on the project and seeing how pleased my first client was, I realized that I wanted to help other businesses out there to get the website that they needed. As I began building my business, I noticed a big problem in the industry. Companies are in desperate need of new websites. Many have extremely outdated sites and some have no site at all. However, getting a great website, work relationship, and a reasonable quote was a tough combination to come across. This was the gap I intended to fill with Strayed Media."

The start in video production

"Around the same time, shortly after a family vacation to Norris Lake, I edited my first video ever. I had little prior experience with video editing, but I loved it. I began becoming very involved in personal projects and learning web development alongside video production. Then one day while hanging out with my friends in the band Moment 44, I heard them talking about needing a promotional video for an upcoming show. I chimed in and offered myself up to put one together for them, and then it all changed for me after that. I had discovered my passion for both video production and web development and began weaving them together."

"In the following years, I continued refining my skills, getting better, and delivering work for more clients. I love what I do, and plan to continue to deliver great, influential work for my clients."